Ren Kimura
Kobe University (M1)

Mail: rkx1209[at]

Twitter: rkx1209

Github: rkx1209




I am a University student in Japan, especially interested in system programming and security research. I am primarily focused on kernel, hypervisor, exploitation and something like that.

Main projects

  • Reverse Debugger for radare2
    You can now seek program counter back and forth by radare2. (My work in GSoC’17)
  • Kernel Analysis Platform
    WIP project. Platform that supports more efficient kernel analysis.
  • TinyLinux
    Mini Linux kernel implmentation from scatch
  • Dnscript
    Scripting language that is specialized in writing “danmaku” of shooting game.
  • C3
    SMT solver written in C
  • K2E
    coming soon…


  • IPA The MITOH Project 2016 Super Creator

  • Google Summer of Code 2017 radare2 project

  • IPA Security camp 2014 software security course

  • IPA Security camp 2015, 2016 TA

  • IPA Security camp 2017 lecture of “Kernel exploitation”

  • ACM ICPC Asia Regional Contest 2014

  • Recruit Code Festival Competition 2014

  • NAPROCK Programming Contest Algorithm Competition 2015

  • SECCON final 2015

OSS activities

Work experience

  • 2016 September, NTT secure platform lab (Internship)
  • 2017 August-September, Preferred Networks (Internship)